Your why matters for long-term weight loss

Why does it get more difficult to lose weight as we start to experience hormonal shifts in our fourth decade?

If you’re over 40 you’re probably experiencing one or all of these symptoms:

*** Unwanted weight gain
*** Fluctuating hormones
*** Declining energy levels

What happened to following the latest ‘diet’ and easily dropping a few kilos?

Or grabbing a few early nights and getting your mojo back?

It seems that the older we get the harder it is to stay slim and healthy.

But are our hormones to blame for our declining health and stubborn weight?


There is so much more than hormones going on in our fourth decade of life.

Can you relate to any of these?

*** The kids have become independent so you have more time to share bubbles with the girls.

*** You’re working full time so have less time to cook, so take away a few nights a week has become the norm.

*** Your busy schedule has pushed out exercise.

*** You’ve got into the habit of net-flixing at night which has cut into your sleep time.

*** You can’t remember the last time you took time for yourself and released some stress.

*** You need coffee to get you going in the morning and wine to relax you in the evening.

All of the above can contribute to slowing down our metabolism


So while hormones absolutely have a part to play in your declining health, expanding waistline, and disappearing energy…

they are never totally to blame.

A multi-faceted approach is needed to reclaim your health.

I believe this starts with owning what you put on the end of your fork.

Eating primarily plant-based will…
*** Bring your hormones into balance
*** Boost your energy levels
*** Assist weight release
*** Optimise your immunity

Yes, we need to look at your exercise, stress, and sleep habits, but none of those habits is going to have an impact on your health like what you eat every day.

So why plants?

They are the only food that contain fiber.

Fiber is ONLY found in plants and it’s the fiber that feeds your microbiome.

Your gut is filled with trillions of tiny bacteria that either grow or wither, depending on the food you feed them…it’s that simple.

The health of your microbiome is responsible for nearly 80% of your immune system.

This is why the happiest, healthiest, longest-living cultures alive today are predominantly plant-based.

You can check out the Blue Zones studies here.

So even though we’ve only known about the microbiome in the last decade, hundreds of doctors, scientists, and researchers have been releasing studies that show the health benefits of plants for over 50 years!

This is especially true for women’s health.

If you recognise that you may have been mistakenly blaming hormones and are ready to ditch the dieting and embrace a primarily plant-based lifestyle then let’s chat.

Here’s the link to book a complimentary chat and let’s find out if we’re a good fit.