Your why matters for long-term weight loss

Probably seems a strange question because isn’t all weight loss healthy?

To be blunt …no.

There are many ways to lose weight but not all are beneficial for your health.

Weight loss is a billion-dollar industry and there’s no shortage of options.

However, not all of those options are going to nourish your body, help to balance your hormones and support your immune system.

Here’s my take on the most popular weight loss methods.

The shakes… A quick and easy, no-brainer meal replacement, especially if we believe the marketing hype on the front of the packet.

But don’t believe everything you read…turn the sachet over and scour the list of ingredients.

Sure some shake ingredients are better than others but at the end of the day – shakes are processed products that usually contain preservatives, genetically modified ingredients, and artificial flavours & sweeteners.

A simple, 3 ingredient, whole foods breakfast, could be to blend a stick of celery and a banana with ½ cup of water and stir in ¼ cup of oats. Pop in the fridge and you have breakfast to go.

This easy real-food shake option will tick all the nutritional promises that the shake packet is sprouting.

Keto diets – over the years we’ve had many high-fat diets come in and out of popularity.

My concern with high fat is the lack of fiber, which is essential for optimal immunity.

While weight loss is achievable following a high-fat diet, my recommendation for anyone following this type of program is to get your blood checked every 6 months.

Cardiologists are on record saying the keto culture has been their worst nightmare with cholesterol levels and fatty liver disease, both going through the roof.

Weight reduction surgery can be successful AS long as the patient is aware of the risks and understands that unless healthy diet & lifestyle changes are made, studies show that most people are back at the SAME weight in 5 years’ time.

Unless the underlying reasons why weight gain happened in the first place, the cycle will be repeated.

Although initially weight is lost after surgery, if high-fat processed foods continue to be the main food source, weight loss will be temporarily stalled and then slowly but surely regained.

So, weight reduction surgery needs to include learning healthy new ways to relate to food.

The goal for my 90-Day Plant-based Bootcamp is to ensure my clients learn how to nourish their bodies with food that will also help their body to release weight, balance their hormones, and support their immune system.

It’s a 3 pronged health approach overlayed with helping my clients learn the tools to make eating more plants a sustainable lifestyle…because no more dieting!

If you’d like to learn more I encourage you to check out my Work With Me page where you’ll find a link for an obligation-free chat.

Nic x